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Please join our Rapid Conversion Kit Facebook Group so you can network, share ideas and find answers to any questions you have with the material. This group is designed to get you up and running quickly. Do not ask questions that are already covered in the material unless you don’t understand the material. Make all questions specific and not broad or vague.

Example 1: How do I set up smart Messages? (Bad Question: Video is already in the course under software)

Example 2: When setting up a smart message can i add a link to my training library or a customer page? How would I do this. (Good question)

  • No Egos
  • No Affiliate Links
  • No Smart Asses
  • Be Helpful and Humble
  • Be Cool And Share With Each Other
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Initial Contact

Application Magic

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The Phone Script

Initial Contact Phone Script

Hi ___________, this is [your name] from [your company] returning your call regarding our personal training program.

Have I reached you at a good time? Great.

OR if they called you… “I’m calling about personal training”

Great. Thanks for your call. I’d be glad to help…


1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your fitness goals.

2. Are you currently engaged in any type of fitness program right now?


Sounds Good.. Let me give you a little more information about how The Synergy Method works for you…

Currently we offer complete 4-8 week transformations and we provide all the equipment, supervision, tools and accountability needed to help you achieve you goal.

We spend a lot of time working with you on both the nutrition AND the exercise so that we are able to guarantee results results. Most clients meet with us 2-3 days a week for a few months and then move into some sort of maintenance program once their initial goals have been accomplished.

(Add whatever you want to here.)

The beauty of our system is that our programs require no long term commitment. You only continue if you are getting results. . The investment runs anywhere from $157 to $360 per month (and up) depending on which option you choose and what’s best for you.

Is that in your budget?

If no, get information and refer to a local gym.

If yes, continue to pre-qualify.

Awesome! The next step is to schedule your VIP consultation. Consultations generally take 60-90 minutes depending on how deep we dive into your situation. My next available appointments are _____________ or ______________. Which works best for you?

Great. During our consultation, I’ll ask you some health related questions, we’ll review your S.M.A.R.T goal setting form and create a series of 3 (30 day goals we can accomplish together)

After we review your goals we will watch a short presentation showing you the science behind The Synergy Method. This will really clear up any lingering questions or doubts and he you ready to get you starting pint numbers.

We do this with our special machine that accurately gathers all your starting point data such as

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Muscle Mass
  • Fat mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • BMR
  • BMI
  • Metabolic Age
  • And More

This way we know exactly where you are starting and realistically what you can expect from our program in 30, 60, 90 and 120 days.

We will finish up with a posture screen to look for muscle imbalances and then schedule your functional assessment where we talk you through a series of fun challenges that allow us to accurately pinpoint the direction we need to go with your programming.

Does this sound easy enough?

Ok awesome.. I have these times available tomorrow, which one works for you.

Continue until you get a time locked down


The Voicemail Script

Synergy Voicemail Script

Hi {prospect name} It’s {firstname} from {company name}

I hope you are having a great day.

The reason for my call today is because I saw that you:

  • Activated your free trial on our website
  • Contacted our answering service
  • Submitted Application to our fat loss study
  • Submitted an online application for our VIP package
  • Etc…

… and I am just reaching out get you on the schedule for your free goal setting and information session.

I have 4 consultation openings this week and would love to get you set up today so you don’t have to wait till we have more openings.

The next available dates we have for consults after I fill these spots will be (2 weeks from today).

If you are still interested in having our team construct you a complete personal 30 day body transformation program please call me on my cell at (Cell Number) today so you can bypass our answering service and get in touch with me directly.

I can probably get you on the schedule as early as tomorrow!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day!


The Text Script

Hi please forgive this random text but my name is Brian Devlin and I am with Synergy Fitness here in Lemont. You expressed interest in a consultation earlier and I have not been able to reach you. Before removing you from our system, I just wanted to reach out and make sure that you have in fact changed your mind.

Let me know either way.

Have a great day!


Contact 1 (Smart Message)

Title: Contact 1 Smart Message

Subject: Hi {{first_name}}

Hi {{first_name}},

Thank you for taking the first step needed to change your life. It all starts by asking yourself some hard questions…

  • What do I really want?
  • What is holding me back?
  • Where can I get the answers I need?
  • What is the first step I need to make?

Then all you need to do is make a decision to act.

Simply Put:

Here is the recipe for change. First we must identify what is that is holding us back and then we simply decide to confront those obstacles one by one.

You expressed interest in getting your action plan designed and I would love to help you do that. When is a good time for us to hop on the phone for a quick meet and greet?


Synergy Fitness
(814) 419-9039


Contact 2 (Smart Message)

Title: Contact 2

Subject: {{first_name}} Did You Get My Email?

Hi {{first_name}},

If you have been staying on task with making a decision to change your life, then you are probably getting ready to either call me or write me back as you read this.

How good does that feel?

Just in case you HAVEN’T decided to take the leap, you still have time to get that consultation with us and get all the information you need to make a massive turnaround in your health today.

I wanted to share this video with you:

Glenn’s Transformation

Glenn was a little bit like you. He did not email back right away and when he came in for his consultation he had his arms crossed and was very skeptical that he was walking into a huge sales pitch.

When Glenn left, he realized that he had just shaved years off his fitness learning curve and was not only eager to get started, he personally thanked me as he was leaving the building.

I promise if you follow the steps I walk you through during our consultation you will leave knowing exactly what you need to do to make you health and fitness goal a fast reality.

You will also leave knowing some very important statistics about bout your self like:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Muscle Mass
  • Fat Mass
  • Celular Hydration
  • Visceral Fat
  • Bone Mass
  • BMR (How many Calories You Burn A day)
  • Posture Condition
  • Metabolic Age
  • And More!

Come on! you can wait around 6 more months or you can do something today that will change your life. It’s up to you.

I’m here if you want to talk.


Synergy Fitness


Contact 3 (Smart Message)

Title: Contact 3

Subject: {{first_name}} Join Me In Congratulating…

Hey {{first name}},

I am blown away by all the positive feedback we have received since launching our VIP consult service to the public. Members of our community are raving about the success they are starting to see.

I don’t have time to post all of them but here is a video compilation of at least 20 of our
past clients whom I would like to congratulate.


It’s truly amazing to see our community generate real momentum and I hope to see your success story very soon!

If you want to become part of our community of doers and achievers who had originally given up, reply to this email or just call my cell phone.

You can bypass our answering service altogether

Talk Soon!

Synergy Fitness
Cell: (xxx) xxx-xxx

P.S. Check out our 5 star reviews on our Facebook fan page here


Contact 4 (Smart Message)

Title: Contact 4

Subject: Frankly I’m A Little Surprised.


Call me crazy, but I’m a little surprised you still haven’t taken me up on this:

  • VIP Consult
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Movement Screen
  • Posture Screen
  • 12 Week Heart Rate Training Program
  • 21 Day Detox Meal plan

= $297 VALUE

If you really want to reach optimum human potential (and I’m guessing you do or you wouldn’t have even visited my site), then this is the ideal first step.

Remember, not only will it get you everything provided above, but it will also give you the momentum you desperately need to achieve the body and life you desire.

So DO IT NOW before it gets lost in the shuffle of life. Let’s Talk soon,

Synergy Fitness
Cell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx


Last Chance Script

Title: Last Chance VIP

Subject: Bad News {{first_name}}

This is pretty much your last chance to get your Free VIP Package:

Today is XX/XX/XXXX

On XX/XX/XXXX this offer will expire for you, so you better get it now if you have any interest.

Sometimes you just need a push in the right direction. I want to see you achieve your fitness goals and go on to live a happy healthy life, but at some point I have to walk away and realize that either you are not interested or you are just not ready to change.

I apologize in advance if this email upsets or offends you, but I truly believe we can help you and I really don’t want you to slip through the cracks.

So at the time listed above which is 3 days from today this offer expire forever.

I hope this is the final push you need to take action. Good Luck,

Synergy Fitness

P.S. Remember, not only will it get our complete VIP package, but it will also give you the momentum you desperately need to achieve the life and body you desire in record time.

Get off the fence and get started NOW!


1 Click Pre-Qualifier

Intake Forms (Smart Message Explainer)

Subject: Important Forms For You!

Hi {{first_name}},

I am super excited to be working with you!

Here is my attempt to make this consultation fun and effortless for you…


Before we have our consultation, I would like to know a little more about you and your fitness/health related goals.

Please complete this short, 10 question, online questionnaire:



In order for me to help you with the ultimate level of efficiency, I need you to fill out two more documents you will find when you click the link below.


Please print them out and bring them to our scheduled consultation.


Our initial consult will be downstairs at The Upper Cervical Center below Synergy. This is where we have our assessment and consultation offices. I look forward to getting you in the best shape of your life!!

See you soon {{first_name}}!


Synergy Fitness

Pre-Qualification Survey

Pre-Qualification Survey

Reviewing Data